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Why you should sell your used CPAP or BIPAP machine on the CPAP Deals Marketplace:

1. It's Legal

Did you know that it's illegal to sell your machine on Craigslist, eBay and Amazon? eBay and Amazon are definitely more strict about these rules. Amazon will go through periodic sweeps to delete all CPAP/BIPAP equipment after they are regularly threatened with a lawsuit. eBay has a no tolerance rule and will delete your account and forever ban you from using eBay ever again, even under a different username (I've seen it happen). Do you know why they are so strict on this topic? It's federal law that a prescription be properly processed by a licensed provider. If eBay and Amazon know the laws and are willing to miss out on a significant paycheck to save them from a serious lawsuit, don't you think you should too? Although Craigslist isn't as strict as eBay and Amazon, the liability of selling someone a machine illegally and having something go wrong is still very much a reality. You can be criminally charged with illegally selling a controlled 'substance'. Even if you don't agree with the law, do you really want that possibility following you around?

2. It's Safe

We connect you with buyers from the comfort of your home. You don't have to invite a stranger into your house, you don't have to go inside someone else house, and you don't have to meet up somewhere to do a back alley deal. Don't mess with any of that. All you want to do is sell your used CPAP machine and we have provided a safe and secure way of doing just that. We care about you and want you to be safe. We process all prescriptions in house and provide only qualified buyers to complete a safe and legal transaction.

3. We Can Reach More Buyers

Because we have an international presence, your ad will be seen by millions of people. We aren't a local meet up marketplace where you're limited to buyers in your area. We help you sell your used CPAP machine safely, securely and to the largest market possible.

4. Best of all, It's Simple

We have tested, tested and tested some more. Simplicity and ease of use are our primary goals with the website. If you need help listing your item or have a suggestion for our website, we want to hear from you. We want to provide you with a streamlined process to get your machine sold fast.

You'll never wonder to yourself,"Where can I sell my CPAP machine?" again now that you've found CPAPdeals.com

For only $1 per listing and a 15% commission on the sale you'll have peace of mind and the simplicity of selling your used CPAP or BIPAP machine online.